A Rewards Plan For Any Hotel

StayCredits offers a simple, yet highly customizable rewards solution for hotels of all sizes. Studies have shown that a rewards program is one of the most cost effective ways to build brand loyalty and improve customer retention. StayCredits puts this power at your fingertips. Whether your hotel has one or many locations, StayCredits offers a plan that works best for you. Choose from a Standalone, Chain Plan or join our Alliance Program for the ultimate power in numbers.

For Standalone Hotels

For hotels with a single location, the Standalone Plan is for you. You will choose how and when guests are awarded credits. The Hotel Manager role will allow you to create hotel staff logins, manage your settings, perform easy-to-use detailed customization and report on every aspect of activity. The Standalone Plan allows the Hotel Manager to choose from a list of rewards or customize and create their own offerings. Guests can redeem credits for free stays, discounts or meaningful incentives.

For Hotel Chains

The Chain Plan is ideal for hotels with more than one location. This plan includes all elements of the Standalone Plan, as well as the additional functionality necessary to implement a larger rewards program. The Chain Manager role is added to manage the program for an entire chain of hotels. This level can assign Hotel Managers and staff logins for each location and determine the level of access for each person. The reporting features can generate information for a single location level or include the entire chain. In the Chain Plan, guests can accumulate credits from any location inside of the hotel chain. Additionally, the program allows guests to redeem credits for rewards at any location—encouraging loyalty to the hotel chain.

The Alliance Program

This program is for any hotel size, small to large. The Alliance Program is similar to both the Standalone and Chain Plans, however, your hotel becomes one of the many StayCredits member hotels around the country. Guest can redeem their credits at any Alliance hotel thus increasing your reach to a guest base that is worldwide. This program will put the power of numbers at your fingertips!

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How It Works

Simple Setup and Easy Management

After registering for a plan, you will receive a Hotel Manager or Chain Manager login to gain access to the system. Once signed in, you will have the opportunity to complete the setup of your Rewards program. If you choose to join the Alliance program, you will also be able to customize your hotel pages on the Alliance site.

From customizing your Rewards page and managing users and guests to creating Credit Events and Rewards, it's easy to set up and mange your entire Rewards Program. To help get the word out to your guests, we will even provide a Rewards badge to place on your Hotel's web site.

Credit Events

Actions which guests can perform to gain credits are Credit Events. These may all be customized to fit your hotel. You also have the option to add new unique events to award more credits.


To make your rewards program appealing, your hotel should provide guests with meaningful rewards. Just like Credit Events, this list may be customized to fit your hotel. Reward your loyal guests with free night stays, room upgrades or just a free bottle of champagne—it’s up to you.

Let Your Guests Spread the Word

StayCredits provides you the optional promotional feature that rewards guests that refer their friends to your rewards program. The Tell-Your-Friends feature makes it easy for your guests to invite their friends using email, Facebook, Twitter or any method to get the word out. By referring friends, your guests get awarded a special bonus and their friends get an award when they sign up as well.

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