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08/08/2011 - New Guest Rewards Program For Independents
The public launch of a web-based guest rewards program, StayCredits, was announced by InnPoints Worldwide.
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08/03/2011 - New Guest Rewards Program For Independents
StayCredits Creates Customizable, Integrated Rewards Program for Independent Hotels, Groups and Chains
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Orenco Station Manor Suites, Hillsboro, Oregon

Why have a rewards program for our hotel? Beyond the obvious reasons, it came to my attention that more than a few potential guests were avoiding our hotel because we didn't offer any type of incentive program.
One gentleman said:
"Even though I love your location, the look and feel of your hotel and my friends rave about it, my wife insists that I stay at the large chain hotels when I travel; it allows us to use our credits to take family vacations and weekend getaways to make up for my time on the road."
I couldn't argue with him because in all fairness, what he said makes sense. Travelers today, especially those traveling on business, not only look forward to receiving rewards for their travel, but have come to expect it.
We are pleased to offer our guests a new top-of-the-line rewards program that adds value to their overall experience at our hotel and builds an extremely loyal customer base for us. The rewards we offer are meaningful and worthwhile, whether it be a cash back card or complementary hotel stays.
As a proprietor, I feel like I am better positioned to compete with the larger chain hotels and the customer feedback we have received is overwhelmingly positive.
- Mark Bates, Proprietor

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